I experienced relief from the first visit and every visit thereafter. I don’t have daily headaches anymore, and have not used my migraine medicine in over 18 months! The amount of relief I have experienced after adjusting my upper back and neck and maintaining alignment has made a huge impact on my ability to be pain free to perform my day to day activities.

Amanda C.

After following through with our treatment plan with Dr. Reverts Brayden's 3rd quarter report card had all B’s and 1 A and he made the B honor roll. All of his grades improved from his 2nd quarter report card.

Brayden and Rebecca H.

I have seen improvements with my back and being able to function as a normal healthy adult! I’ve started to regain my life!

Erin B.

I love that Dr. Revers listens to you first to find out what the issues are before she does any adjustments and always tells you exactly what will be adjusted before she does it. I have referred several of my friends to Dr. Reverts as well as my son and husband and they loved her. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she made me pain free.

My son began seeing Dr. Reverts when he was 6 months old to correct the flat spot on his head, ear infections and sleepless nights. She was so calm about everything and walked us through exactly what the issues were. After a few visits with Dr. Reverts we were cleared from the head specialist and we didn't have to put our son in a helmet. Along with that he had not more ear infections and he started to sleeping through the night. Dr. Revers was a blessing to our family to help our son feel better.

Brittany G.

Typically through the winter months Parker is in a ‘slump’ but he seems to have gone through with a great sense of wellness and more happiness. He is calmer and overall feeling better. Dr. Abby’s approach to full body care is effective for all of the people in our family. From neck and back pain to ADHD symptom sand sleep issues, our care has been excellent and very effective. Dr. Abby works with her patients to choose the best plan of treatment and helps them to understand why one treatment may not be enough to help the body heal itself. Through her care we have come to understand how misalignments of the spine will affect more than just your muscles and bones, it can affect your brain, organs and body systems

Gerry Family

My kids love going to see Dr. Abby and the two oldest are empowered enough to know when they need an adjustment and will ask me for make an appointment. 7 and 9 year olds knowing that it works enough to ask for an appointment when they need it—that is awesome!

Dr. Abby and Stacey always have a smile and the care they give their client is whey people continue to #1 to back and #2 refer others!

Fischer Family

My son Liam started seeing Dr. Abby when he was 2 months old because he was born with his bowel outside of his body, which led to a slower system. He struggled popping and also didn’t want to turn his head to one side. He would wake up screaming every couple of hours because he was in so much pain. Liam can now turn his head both ways with no restriction and he poops daily. He continues to get better thanks to Abby.

Kendra & Liam T.

I had been having daily headaches and frequent migraines since 2011. My migraines put me in bed, in a dark room with a cold rag on my forehead for hours if not a whole day. It was frustrating a depressing. I now see Dr. Abby monthly and have not had a migraine for a very long time!

Rochelle N.

After being under care with Dr. Abby I no longer have headaches when I wake up and can sleep through the night without troubles. The best part about the care I receive from Dr. Abby is that my body just feels better. Dr. Abby and Stacey are wonderful. They always make you feel welcome and important.

Chelsey C.

Dr. Abby not only takes the time to listen to your concerns, she also takes the necessary time so that you can have the relief that is needed

Tim H.