Our infant son had gone nearly two weeks without having a bowel movement. We hoped to avoid giving him stool softeners or medication until absolutely necessary, so we decided to give chiropractic care a try. Dr. Abby's techniques were so subtle that I didn't even realize she was adjusting him as she held him. Sure enough, within only a few hours after his appointment, he had a bowel movement and seemed to be much more comfortable. We value Dr. Abby's role in the care of our family, and it's apparent that Dr. Abby truly cares about her patients. We're very grateful for all the ways she's touched our family! Madison is blessed to have her! She's the best!

Kari C.

My youngest girl, Willa, was having a very difficult time sleeping at night. Between 3-5 months old she seemed to be sleeping worse and worse. I had noticed she was only sleeping on one side and had a bit of a head tilt when sitting up right. I reached the point of pure exhaustion, and it was so heartbreaking to hear her fuss every few hours throughout the night. I knew she was uncomfortable in some way! I took her to Lakes Family and Abby worked her very gentle magic on Willa. After one visit Willa was already sleeping much better, and after two she was a whole new baby at night. I could physically see the improvement Abby had helped Willa gain as she was now able to hold her head up straight. We are so grateful to have Abby in town! She made my first visit with one of my babies so enjoyable. By explaining everything she was doing and what she was feeling I was able to know what was going on in Willa's little body. She was welcoming to my three other girls also so I could get Willa to appointments on days that I didn't have childcare. They ask to go back to "Willa's checkup " all the time. Thank you Abby!

Karli E.

After being under care with Dr. Abby, I no longer have headaches when I wake up and can sleep through the night without trouble. The best part about the care I receive is that my body just feels better. Dr. Abby and Stacey are wonderful. They always make you feel welcome and important.

Chelsey C.

I have suffered from Vertigo for years and Abby has been the only one to treat it and help prevent it. She does amazing work!!

Crystal H.

Dr. Abby listens to me, asks questions, and makes sure that she's doing what's best for me and my body. She's an amazing chiropractor that makes me feel like a longtime friend that she just happens to have as a patient.

Amy B.

Dr. Abby helped my daughter Camdyn feel her best. Everyone told me her 3+ hours of screaming was just “colic”. After a few sessions I could tell Camdyn was happier and more comfortable. I will recommend Dr. Abby to ALL moms.

Jerricka M.

I highly recommend Dr. Abby for your chiropractic care! She has helped keep our whole family feeling our best for years. From care during pregnancy, infant sleep issues and fussiness, childhood earaches, everyday aches, and beyond - her knowledge and quality of care can’t be beat!

Kara B.

Dr. Abby is absolutely amazing!! My daughter who at the time was 6 weeks old and wasn't napping for more than 15 minutes at a time and was very fussy. We started taking her to see Dr. Abby and after a couple of sessions she was napping and sleeping at night like a rock star. I was very nervous to take such a young child to receive chiropractic care at first, but Dr. Abby was very informative and walked me through every step. I definitely recommend her!!

Haley S.

I experienced relief from the first visit and every visit thereafter. I don’t have daily headache anymore and have not used my migraine medicine in over 18 months!

Amanda C.